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A taste of the future

I’ve been working for the last week or two on a book that we’ll be publishing next year, a collection of declarer play problems from Patrick Jourdain.  Patrick is well-known in Europe, but not as familiar a name to North American readers.  While he has represented his native Wales internationally, he is best known as a bridge journalist.  He is currently president of the IBPA and bridge correspondent for the London Daily Telegraph, as well as a regular in the press room at European and World events.  Since 1990, Patrick has contributed a monthly ‘Problem Corner’ to England’s BRIDGE Magazine, and it is from these articles that the contents of our book are selected.

Here’s a sample, just to whet your appetite:

A K J 10 3
2 A Q J 10 9
J 7 6 5 3 2 Q 10 9
A K Q 2 5 3

How should West play 3NT on a low spade lead?

I’ll post the solution in a couple of days.

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