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A Gift for Roberta

Linda and Ray's Holiday Picks

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WhenBridge Crosswords we moved into our winter home in Florida three years ago, we were surprised to find we already knew one of our neighbors. Roberta is a teacher on BIL (the BBO club where bridge students are connected with volunteer teachers for six months of mentoring), and had encountered Linda there. When we started our bridge classes down here, Roberta helped out and it was great to have her there when we couldn’t be at every table at the same time.

Roberta is also a crossword fan, so it’s easy to pick a gift for her: Jeff Chen’s Bridge Crosswords. Jeff is a constructor whose work has been published in the New York Times as well as the LA Times, and it was a lot of fun working with him on this project. The crosswords in the book are all bridge themed, and range in difficulty from NYT levels Monday through Thursday.

The best way to give you a flavor of the book is to let you try one of the puzzles. This one is a Tuesday level – so about average – and there are more challenging puzzles in the book. How many do you get? 52 of course!



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MenSeptember 19th, 2020 at 6:21 am

Bridge Philosopher 3 by James S. Kauder (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform) He s back! That old curmudgeon, the Bridge Philosopher, is back for a third try at explaining the art of dummy play. He claims that he is losing his memory, but he hasn’t lost his ability to reason or to analyze a bridge hand in an instant. And, as usual, he has cogent (often biting) comments to make about the sad state of affairs in the world at large: the rising cost of living; unfunded Social Security liabilities; dysfunctional political parties. He unashamedly (in fact, somewhat proudly) admits to personal weaknesses of one sort or another: diet; neatness; relationship issues; and all around dissatisfaction with the world. Learn a little; laugh a lot. He isn’t the only one who isn’t getting any younger.

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